Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park covers 19000 km2. It is about 220 km long and between 40 and 80 km wide. Admission for a complete day was 10 Rand per person and 20 Rand for a car  in 1997. In September, the gates open at 6 am  in the morning and close at 6 pm in the evening. Since South Africa is close to the equator, it gets dark very fast and early in the evening. Therefore, it is advisable to be back at the gate on time! One can also spend the night at the park, but only after booking for the night in one of the park's 17 camps  a long time in advance..

elephants giraffe
A cyclist in Kruger Park! An armed ranger on his bike. Tourists are allowed to leave their cars in specially marked places only. The eastern side of the park borders Mocambique. Sometimes refugees that try to reach South Africa by passing into Kruger Park are attacked and killed by wild animals.

Even the strongest monkey gets tired sometimes!


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